Sexual Recovery

An increasing number of men and women are involved in emotional or sexual affairs, going to strip clubs, visiting prostitutes, and cybersex. Involvement in any of these things doesn’t mean you’re a sex addict, but it’s likely interfering with your life. Sexual acting out usually increases in frequency and intensity and can become an unmanageable pattern. It intrudes on your time, finances, work, and relationships and can literally take over your life.

Recovery is rarely something you can do on his own. It requires the honesty to admit the problem and the willingness to do what it takes to establish sexual integrity. This includes:

  • Defining what is sobriety for you.

  • Identifying and applying the real motivations for recovery.

  • Establishing and working a daily battle plan.

  • Repairing and restoring significant relationships.

  • Getting connected in healthy ways with others.

 If you’re ready to get started consider making an appointment with a therapist right away. Putting it off only delays getting your life back.